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Frequent Diagnostic Issues & Estimated Repair Times

We understand how nerve-wracking it can be when your truck requires diagnostic and electrical services. You're keen to identify the issue and have it resolved swiftly. We frequently assist with the following issues, providing an estimated repair timeline for each at our TruckEast Repair Shop.

Struggling to Start

If starting your engine is becoming a chore, it's time for a maintenance check.

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

Depending on the specific requirements, repair or replacement typically takes between two and four hours.

Power Loss

Issues like dirty fuel filters, faulty fuel injectors, and slack throttle links can deprive your engine of the power needed to accelerate.

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

Repair or replacement usually takes between four and six hours, subject to the specific requirements.

Fuel Contamination

Diesel fuel tends to hold contaminants like glycol, water, and soot more readily than standard gas, which can lead to engine issues over time.

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

Flushing the system takes around 15 to 30 minutes. However, if additional repairs are required, the service may take longer.

Faulty Lead

Issues with the acid storage battery, an essential component of the starter system, can lead to problems.

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

Replacing faulty leads can take anywhere from one to five hours, depending on the complexity of the truck's system.

Black Exhaust

A high fuel-to-air ratio often results in black exhaust. We can help identify the cause of the imbalance and fix broken filters, injectors, or pumps.

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

Cleaning the air system to prevent black exhaust typically takes around 40 minutes.

Oil Oxidation

Has your truck been idle for an extended period? Inactivity can cause bubbles in the oil, affecting lubrication and signaling a need for an oil change.

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

An oil change generally takes between 15 and 45 minutes.

Unbalanced Weight Viscosity

If you're experiencing difficulty starting, it may be due to imbalanced engine lubrication. Your specialized diesel engine requires a certain viscosity, and incorrect oil can spell trouble.

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

Rebalancing an engine for optimal performance can take up to two hours.

Excessive Noise

While diesel engines are inherently noisy, the sound shouldn't be unusually loud. A new or different sound from your familiar engine noise suggests something is wrong and needs inspection.

Timeline for diagnostics and repair

A standard tune-up typically takes two to four hours. Further repair or replacement might extend this duration.

At TruckEast Repair Shop, we also tackle issues with broken or loose wires, switches, and connectors that affect your diesel truck's electronic systems. Even the most reliable components wear out over time and may need repair or replacement.