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Mastering Fleet Driveline Repair Services

TruckEast Repair Shop provides dependable and budget-friendly driveline services for your fleet vehicles.

The driveline, excluding the engine and transmission, is a key component of your vehicle's powertrain. Thus, your vehicle's ability to perform smoothly and handle well on the road hinges on it.

Recognizing Common Driveline Issues

Vehicles covering long distances, such as trucks and trailers, often encounter driveline problems due to the continuous wear and tear on the components. However, several signs can hint at the need for driveline maintenance or repairs, including:

  • Unusual Noises – Odd sounds emanating from your vehicle could be the first indication of a driveline issue. This could range from noticeable clunks during the drive to a subtle whirring sound when accelerating.
  • Vibrating Steering Column – A malfunctioning driveline could cause the steering wheel to vibrate significantly, primarily due to a problem with the drive shaft. If left unattended, this issue could lead to intense vehicle shaking.
  • Trouble Turning – A heavily damaged driveshaft could make the steering wheel hard to maneuver, possibly leading to resistance when making sharp turns. This issue is a potential hazard and should be addressed immediately.

How TruckEast Repair Shop Can Assist

TruckEast Repair Shop offers expert fleet repair services for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. You can rely on us to keep your fleet operational with top-tier driveline rebuilding and replacement services. Thus, when your driveline hits a bump, you know whom to contact.

We recommend servicing your trucks every 60,000 kilometers. With our extensive inventory of parts and equipment, we ensure prompt and efficient service for your vehicle.

From a compact Ford F-350 to a heavy-duty Kenworth semi-truck, just bring it to us, and we'll handle the rest. Our skilled technicians inspect your driveline case, evaluate the driveline fluid for any required changes, and remove any contaminated driveline fluid.

Following a thorough assessment, we advise whether routine maintenance is adequate or a replacement is necessary.