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Overview of Transmission & Clutch Repair Services

Heavy-duty transmission and clutch repairs can be a cost-efficient alternative to investing in a brand-new transmission for your vehicle. Resolving transmission issues generally costs less than an expensive transmission overhaul or replacement that you might be quoted at other repair shops. At TruckEast Repair Shop, we appreciate the value of your time and money, and therefore we offer our esteemed customers premium-quality, cost-effective, and timely transmission and clutch services. If you are seeking transmission or clutch repair services for your light, medium, or heavy-duty truck in our region, then TruckEast Repair Shop is your go-to destination.

Why is Heavy-Duty Transmission Service Essential?

As your heavy-duty truck accumulates mileage, the transmission fluid deteriorates, and transmission components start to wear. At TruckEast Repair Shop, we offer transmission services for trucks of every make and model, helping to maintain your transmission in excellent condition, reducing the risk of a significant breakdown while you're on the road. Our range of transmission services includes transmission flushing, transmission rebuilds, transmission fluid changes, clutch services, and more.

Why is Heavy-Duty Clutch Service Necessary?

The transmission is not the sole component of your heavy-duty truck that undergoes wear and tear over time. The clutch, a crucial part of the transmission, can also degrade, eventually necessitating replacement. To circumvent transmission and clutch failures, we recommend an inspection of your transmission and clutch components every 12,500 miles. Our clutch services are designed to help prevent clutch failure and maintain your heavy-duty truck's smooth operation. These services include clutch inspections, clutch replacement, clutch pressure testing, clutch system flushing, transmission and clutch fluid changes, and more.

The transmission is a vital component of your heavy-duty truck that ensures its smooth functioning, and investing in transmission and clutch repairs can lead to substantial savings in the long term. To learn more about transmission and clutch services in our area, get in touch with TruckEast Repair Shop today!