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Commercial Vehicle EGR & DPF Service

The expert diesel mechanics at TruckEast Repair Shop are a reputable choice for system and component servicing for diverse diesel vehicles.

Fleet vehicles commonly encounter issues with their Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system. While its role is to minimize carbon emissions, a malfunctioning exhaust system can impose an undue burden on your engine.

In line with the EGR, the diesel particulate filter (DPF) also contributes to reducing carbon emissions by capturing soot from the exhaust in its honeycomb structure, storing it, and subsequently incinerating it.

Both these systems are essential for the smooth operation of your trucks but can face numerous complications if they're not routinely serviced.

DPF Maintenance

The DPF system equips heavy-duty trucks to cover extensive distances comfortably. Nevertheless, it is advisable to get your DPF system inspected every 300,000 miles to prevent issues.

Ignoring these problems for too long can result in your engine showing signs of trouble, signaled by the illumination of the yellow light on your dashboard.

EGR Maintenance

EGR coolers can fail in two ways: they can get clogged with soot, obstructing the flow of gases through the system, and they can experience fractures within the cooler due to thermal cycling and constant pressure.

It's essential to have your EGR system examined for any malfunctions to prevent further engine complications. Also, ensure your vehicle is taken to a professional for timely EGR cleaning and replacement if needed.

How We Can Assist

We understand that as diesel truck owners, you seek enhanced horsepower and superior performance. However, heavy loads and towing can exert considerable strain on your vehicles. That's where we come in - to ensure that your engine stays clean while delivering more power, torque, and an extended lifespan.

Our commercial vehicle EDR and DPF solutions enhance the fuel efficiency and lifespan of your trucks. To learn more about our service, contact us at TruckEast Repair Shop today.